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Twilight Sparkle Light

Let the magic of friendship come to light with your My Little Pony 3D Deco Night Light.  When mounted to the wall with the name call-out sticker, the soothing glow provides the necessary light for midnight changes, feedings, reassuring check-ins and, of course, to keep the ‘boogie monster’ at bay! All Lights are LED lite and battery operated and use 3 AA batteries sold separately.  They have a convenient ON/OFF switch, ideal for rooms with limited wall outlets. These lights include a 60 minute timer option, which makes them the perfect night light to put your little ones to sleep.  Don't forget to collect them all!

  • Perfect for Playrooms, Bedrooms, Office/Study
  • Easy to Install
  • 2-in1 design – looks great on or off
  • Comes with Decal-Name Call-Out sticker!
  • Makes a Great Gift!

My Little Pony - Twilight Sparkle 3D Deco Light from 3DLightFX on Vimeo.